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J. & S. Taylor Ltd was started in 1861 as a partnership between two brothers Joseph & Samuel Taylor based at Bower’s Mill, Barkisland, their friend Abraham Whitworth Snr joined them. The cloth produced at this time was mainly Kersey, a medium to heavyweight coarse cloth, similar to a Melton in appearance. This was made with a cotton warp and woollen weft. In 1882 the brothers decided to take the daring step of turning the business into a private limited company.

Over the years the company expanded, putting up more buildings. All the processes required to produce cloth were carried out at the mill, Blending, Spinning (both Wool & Cotton), Weaving, Scouring, Dyeing and Finishing.

The outbreak of the Great War on 4th August 1914 saw the company turn the bulk of its production to the war effort. It was also at this time the company closed its cotton-spinning business and turned the entire production of the mill over to Woollens.

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After the war the mill was slowly modernised, with the introduction of electricity in 1946.
During the post war boom years the company prospered particularly
during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

The company managed to ride both the up’s and down’s of the woollen trade,
however in the late 1980’s there was a steep decline in trade and in
1991 the decision was taken to cease production at Bower’s Mill, Barkisland.

The company then moved to the present location of…

js taylors our hisotry text
js taylors our history

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